Innovative Practices


Project Governance & Oversight

As organizations look to improve their performance, they want service providers that follow proven approaches to solve immediate business challenges and help define and deliver next-generation innovations. NDC’s regional delivery capabilities provide clients with the right people, skills and industry expertise to deliver business process consulting, technology and support services with greater reliability, quality and productivity.

Our consultants come with global experience and are PMP certified bringing the right practices and controls. For our team every step is extremely important and quality has to be of high standards. Keeping this in view the team carries out meticulous project governance and oversight as outlined in the scope.

As a methodology, detailed project plan is made and services are provided in project management processes including project charter, communication plan, risk management, issue management and change management. As an implementer of T24 we always include Temenos services to provide oversight and expert services through their global consultants.

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Expert Services

Keeping pace with the financial crisis and the changes in the economy requires experts and professionals who have the ability to foresee and take necessary actions with the changing dynamics. NDC has over the years trained and retained some of the best resources around the region and provides expert consulting as a service. The objective of this service is to augment the short and long term needs of the customers who do not have in-house expertise to support their systems. These experts extract knowledge from different clients, and the environment.

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Islamic Banking

Banking and investment based on Islamic Laws, traditions and business & financial transactions in accordance with Shariah law has been gaining strength in different regions including Middle East, South East Asia & Africa. NDC has been providing implementation and working with Islamic banking solutions for many years and has deployed numerous services in this segment. Owing to its growth and demand NDC provides a fully compliant Shariah based solution in its Islamic banking services. 

For our latest case study on Islamic banking implementation please click here

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Business Intelligence

The key to transforming raw data into meaningful information is first identifying and interpreting the raw data from the systems. Information is a powerful source and when used properly provides a competitive edge. To give information power to clients and extend usage NDC provides implementation of Insight Business Intelligence which seamlessly integrates with T24 as an important solution for the transformation of rawdata into a meaningful asset. This we do through implementation of T24 Insight Business Intelligence.

Insight is based on a common Microsoft SQL Server platform that extracts, transforms and loads the data you want to analyze. It works straight out of the box and comes in four versions covering different core banking areas:

  • Insight Financial Intelligence
  • Insight Customer Intelligence
  • Insight Operational Intelligence

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Risk Management

Identifying and analyzing information to mitigate risk is a vital part of any business organization. NDC provides implementation of an intelligent risk management solution that enables organizations to fine tune their actions and minimize risk in different areas. Risk management solution optimizes the time invested and minimizes the cost of analyzing and distributing the right information. This we do by implementing T24 Insight Risk Intelligence.

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Mobile Computing

The new age of smart phones has changed the perspective to banking. People want easier and convenient transactions all through their phones. NDC recognizes this need and offers implementation of Temenos mobile banking application Connect-Mobile to augment the core banking solution and to provide a highly flexible banking platform.

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Internet Banking

Internet banking has caused an evolution to the banking system as the customers around the world are looking for corporate and consumer banking through the internet. The Internet Banking application that we advise integrates with the core banking solution to provide secure and scalable infrastructure. This integration will enable the customers to gain cost effective and efficient internet banking solution. Our Internet banking offering is on Connect Interenet by Temenos which integrates with T24 and provides Internet banking for both consumer and Corporate customers.

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All customers want to future proof their risk and compliance. Through the AML application customers are enabled to extract all data and deliver them to those who need it efficiently. The AML solution provides you with reduced costs and high operational efficiency.

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